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Create your own custom perfume

Individuelle DüfteFrom our birth on, we are unique. We distinguish ourselves by our appearance, character, behavior and by our preferences. UNIQUE is of the conviction that a perfume should reflect our personality.

UNIQUE is the specialist for individual perfume and cologne. Our website offers you the possibility to create your own custom fragrance. We have 50 different fragrant notes for you to select. Of course, we help you with creating and advising what fits you best from the information you give us. Our customers can also create their personalized flacon, for example with a special note. You can also leave the scent development to our experts. They develop a perfume based on your disclosures, preferences and wishes as been noted in the online-form available on our website.

The aromatic system we use is unique worldwide. This way our customers themselves become the perfumer and make their own fragrance guided by our expercience. We have created already more than 132,000 unique perfumes and we´re in for more!

Premium Quality

Premium DuftnotenHardly any other accessory is as mysterious as the own perfume.  Sprayed onto our skin it melts with our natural body scent to a completely unique note. UNIQUE consistently high quality lies within the product: all scented notes are developed by ourselves! The fragrant essences and oils for our perfumes are strictly delivered by trusted partners in France, Spain and Italy. Naturality  is our main concern, therefore, we also advocate against animal testing. All our fragrances are tested on allergenics. Even our handpicked glass vials are at best quality, provided by the French company Verreries Pochet et du Corval. All products are subject to strict quality control and every perfume is being tested before shipping. For even more uniqueness, we can also refine your flacon of choice with Swarovski crystals, genuine gold or diamonds, brought to us by exclusively chosen German jewelers and goldsmiths.

Bespoke Fragrances

Exklusive DuftentwicklungAt the perfume manufactory UNIQUE every perfume is individual and made by hand. Quality and customer satisfaction are thus our number one principle. After sending your order, we’re dealing with your individual flakon in a first step. As our experience with special gift- creation shows, you might as well want to design the bottle by adding your name or the name of your beloved, a little love note, or simply giving a name to your unique fragrance. The high quality print on the glass flask is also perfect for individual photos or your company’s lable. Our scent experts will then start to create your individual fragrance which you then can hold in your hands soon after creating it.

UNIQUE redefines perfume




Unique like you

Design individual fragrances and make personal cologne

UNIQUE is an innovative company, whose aim is to reinvent the perfume together with the customers; and reaching this by a competent and friendly customer service, and products of premium quality. We guarantee fast delivery and safe return policy. Thanks to the newest technology and our creativity, we are number one of the market. With over 90.000 satisfied customers already, we hope to increase our clientele and to succeed all expectations.