How it works: Creating your personalised perfume

Develop your own custom perfume

Create personalized perfume yourself

With UNIQUE now anyone can become a perfumer and create his or her very own signature scent. The unique UNIQUE fragrance system combines the traditional art of perfumery with modern design and innovative technology.

Using our online perfume creation tool, customers can first choose one out of five female and male character fragrances, that represents themselves best. Based on this decision, the next step is to choose the fragrance direction. Should it be fresh and fruity or rather oriental woody? Depending to this, we recommend our users the perfect fragrance notes, what makes creating your own perfume easy.

You can select up to six notes or so called “pure essences”. Each of them is a harmonic and stunning perfume already, containing head, middle and base note. The notes will be combined to perfect harmony. You can choose from the recommended notes, but you can also click “all”, to view all 50 notes and to choose from them. To highlight a specific note, you can even choose it twice or more. If you are uncertain, you can also select one of our recipe recommendations.

To support you, we developed our fragrance compass. This compass displays the character and direction of your fragrance, based on the ingredient you picked. With more than 10 billions way of combining the notes, any perfume is most likely absolute unique.

As a special highlight you can even design your own label for the bottle. You can write your name or a special message on the perfume bottle, select a design, or even upload you own picture or logo. The label will be printed on the glass bottles in premium quality using modern printing technology. With you unique perfume ID, you can easily reorder your perfume or review your personal recipe. Because your perfume will be one-of-kind!

Create your personal perfume


Your personal bespoke perfume, created made to measure by our experts

Bespoke perfumer develop your own scentWIf you prefer to have your unique fragrance to be designed by a perfume artist, you might want to use our bespoke perfume option. With this exclusive service our experts custom-tailor your very own fragrance according to your wishes and specifications.

We have developed our specific questionnaire to receive all the information needed. You can let us know everything we need to perfectly make your perfume to measure. Which types of fragrances do you prefer? Which character represents you best? What preferences do you have? For what occasion should the scent be?

After the questionnaire you can design the bottle for your bespoke perfume. First choose your favorite bottle, next make it your own by customizing it with the creator’s name or a personal image.

In case you have a favorite perfume, which is not existing on the market anymore, a bespoke perfume might be the right option for you as well. You can let our experts know, and they will try to develop a perfume in that direction. Beeing the specialist for unique perfumes, we do not produce fragrance copies, but your custom-tailored masterpiece might be a great alternative.

Having a bespoke perfumer creation a custom perfume is also a great gift idea! For this purpose just let us know in the recipient’s preferences in the questionnaire. In case you do not know specific preferences, just skip that question. On the perfume bottle you can also print the recipient’s name or a personal gift message. We also offer great gift wrapping or nice luxury gift sets!

Have a perfumer create your bespoke perfume



Fragrance Layering with our exclusive unique scents

Innovative Fragrance LayeringOur innovative „Fragrance Layering“-concept brings uniqueness into the traditional world of perfumery. The layering concept – well know from the fashion industry – now also takes over in the perfume market.

The UNIQUE fragrance system contains of five male and five female “character fragrances”. Each of the can be combined with up to six ingredients, or so called “pure essence perfumes”. We currently have 50 exclusive notes in our fragrance collection.

Our perfumers developed every character fragrance and every pure essence perfume to perfect harmony. Each scent contains head, middle and base not and can used individually for intense und luxurious olfactory pleasure. Also they can be combined perfectly by spraying them in layers.

One day, you might want to use your favorite character fragrance or your favorite pure essence perfume separately. The next day, possibly you feel like highlighting the perfume you love with another scent. With our fragrance layering concept you can re-invent yourself every day! On a hot summer day you might want to fresh up your perfume with a splash of lemon or aqua. On a cold winter day or for a special occasion, you might want to add some elegant rose or exciting spices.

“Fragrance Layering” is easy! Just shop the fragrances you love and combine them day for day in another way by spraying them in layers on your body. On your skin and in the air around you, the fragrances melt together to become your personal signature scent! Day for day just like you feel!

Discover Perfume and Fragrance Layering

How to make your own perfume

With UNIQUE you can create your own personalised perfume. In our "How To" area we explaing how it works and which different ways there are.